Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching Up

Until someone decides to pay me, blog posts will continue to lose out to other things in my life when I don’t have time for both.

That is why I haven’t posted an update on my CrossFit experience the last couple weeks, not because I have given up.

So just a few quick hits on how things are going.

1 – My shoulder seems to be improving

I can’t recommend enough. I have made a couple of the shoulder impingement movements part of my daily routine, and I went through a shoulder heavy progression last night with little residual pain. Something that I couldn’t have done a few short weeks ago.
(Post workout Edit: Fuck, 100 Burpees killed that idea)

2 – My knee is a problem

I now have a new part of my CrossFit routine. After a workout I have to Ice my knee down. If I fail to do so, my next day is agony, and as a result I have missed some workouts. I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off this past weekend, and while things were sore for last nights workout, some ice and elevation last night seem to have me ready for tonight. I am genuinely afraid I will have to see a doctor about this if it persists.

3 – Golf was great

In a past post I wrote about how CrossFit had me pushing aside my ego and letting myself look foolish. Well I am thankful that fear of looking foolish didn’t keep me from getting out on the Golf course for the 1st time in years. I was by no means the worst player in our foursome, hell we used 2 of my balls on the 1st hole (best ball format). Plus it got me out of the office for a day. There was no downside.

4 – I still have bad days at the box

But I also have some great ones. Last night wasn’t much fun, as there were plenty of sit-ups (I’m still fat, but it is improving) and lunges (that whole knee issue). But then there are days like last Thursday.

In honor of Veterans’ day we did a team workout with one rep for every soldier lost in Iraq and Afganistan (5700+).

We split the class into teams and each team took a portion of the reps. Fred and I had a little over 1400 reps to knock out, and we killed it, with over 10 minutes left out of 40 we were done. A few minutes of rest later, we were both feeling good enough to help out a group that was struggling with their rep count.

The class ended up 12 reps short of our goal, which was disappointing. But it is days like that that keep me pumped about getting back to the box.