Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brett Favre, Adam Schein & Solomon Wilcots

We take a break from laughing at the fans of other AFC west franchises to add our thoughts on the whole Brett Favre circus.

I didn’t write a Brett Favre eulogy when he retired this season. I was tied up with other things, and if there is one thing we have learned in the past 5 years about Favre is that he never really makes up his mind.

If you can get passed the media’s constant ball-washing you have to admit that Favre is a hell of a player. Detractors love to point out the high number of interceptions, but when you are forced to pass as often as the Packers have been in the past few years, you are bound to have some passes go awry.

But even if he is a hell of a player, you have to admit that this whole clusterfuck of a retirement is a joke. He has played this game with the team and the Packer fans every off-season for the past 5 years. It is long past time for Favre to step up to the plate and make a decision. Sure it is hard to walk off into the sunset, but he owes that much to the team and the fans that have supported him all these years.

At this time Favre, IMO, is simply being selfish and putting himself before the team. But with the way he has been treated by the media for the last 15 years, what else would you expect. This guy is used to being treated as a God. He is used to being held to a different set of standards from everyone else. It is no wonder he can’t quietly step away from the limelight, or do right by others.

OK, enough of the Favre centric stuff, I can no longer put off ripping Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots and their show on Sirius NFL radio.

These two windbags are the worst pairing that NFL radio puts on the air. As I type this Schein is ripping Favre for not having the guts to come out and say what is on his mind. That he wants to play football in 2008, just not for the Packers.

This is something that Schien and Wilcots have presented as fact for most of the broadcast today. All of the sudden they have some insight on the inner workings of Brett Favre’s mind. It must be nice to be so clarvoient.

What is particulary disturbing is this pair loves to rip their callers when they don’t come with facts, despite the FACT that they rarely get theirs right.

Earlier this broadcast Wilcots was claiming that the Packers would have to cut multiple players in order to bring Favre back onto the roster. I sent an email in asking him to back this up with Facts earlier, but he has now dropped that argument when callers bring up Farve returning to Green Bay. Why, because he was talking out his ass once again. The Packers are near the top of the league when it comes to cap space, and bringing Farve back would only result in one of the young QB’s they drafted this year to hit the streets.

Schien’s FACT that Favre wants to come back, but not to the Packers, is hardly a FACT, no matter how loud he yells it. It is merely his opinion, and as usual Wilcots agrees whole-heartedly, since he rarely has a coherent thought of his own.

You have to love the way these two treat a rumor from Chris Mortenson as FACT on their program. These two yell FACT at the top of their lungs so often, but cannot distinguish fact from rumor. As long as it gets printed somewhere it is fact in their minds. It doesn’t matter that Mort had nobody willing to comment on the record, or that Favre laughed the report off as rumor.

You have to love how the two of them yell how this is the worst thing that could happen to the Packers and is a huge distraction, but quickly retreat from this point when Al Harris comes on and reminds them that they are professionals and that it isn’t a distraction. (Of course after the fact Schein claims that a “healthy argument” was had with Harris, when he actually scrambled until he could find a point that he and Harris could agree on, only after Harris was off the line could Schein find the balls to out and out disagree with Harris on the distraction issue.)

Schein’s yelling he doesn’t have the guts over and over is particularly humorous coming from the gutless wonder. Schein’s specialty is to rip players then insert their balls into his mouth when they come on the air. Scheins only experience with Balls/guts comes from sucking them, not having them.

This is hardly a one-day thing with these two; I enjoy NFL radio for the most part. I am about 50/50 between listening to NFL radio and Stern in the morning, and I listen to NFL radio almost daily from 3pm on. But I cringe when I hear Shein’s gravely voice introduce himself and Wilcots. Schein isn’t as bad when he has an intelligent partner to work with (Jim Miller for example), but even then he tends to lose it on callers who don’t agree with him. Often taking exception with part of an argument so far off the point that you forget what the call was about. (But don’t worry; after he hangs up with you, he will refer to your call outstanding as they head to break.) But when you pair Schein with Wilcots it quickly turns into a contest to see who can compliment the other more, and yell louder when someone disagrees with their opinion.

Sirius made the right 1st step by demoting this pair from their prime afternoon drive slot, it is time for them to take the next step, and get this pair off the airwaves. Their act has gotten old, and reflects poorly on what otherwise is an outstanding product.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly- Schein is a total A- hole.

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