Thursday, July 24, 2008

Football Is Back MotherF-ers

Its here, its here, Football Season is upon us as training camps open up across the NFL. Preseason games start in a little more than a week with the Hall of Fame game. Sure the starters will barely touch the field, and I don’t even know what teams are playing this year, but its still real football, even if it is more watered down than my old man’s Vodka after my parents entrusted their teenage sons to watch the house for a weekend.

Of course the focus here will be the Raiders, and then will branch out to college football in another month. And we should finally have some real news to break down as Raiders camp opens today. No more talk of Javon Walkers inability to hit his mouth with Champagne, or get in the right car. Finally the players on the field will be the big story.

And Raiders camp has kicked off with a bang, as Nnamdi Asomugha showed up yesterday and signed his tender. No holdout to try and force the Raiders to agree to not franchise him next year. Nnamdi showed up and proved his commitment to this team. Lets hope the team does the right thing and rewards him next off-season. Nnamdi has saved the team from a huge distraction, there will be no protracted media circus, and the last thing this team needs is another circus.

Oh, wait… never mind. The Raiders have told Lamont Jordan not to show up to camp, So much for no media circus. Al is seemingly intent on setting up a big top in Napa. Honestly, what is the point? We all know Lamont won’t be a Raider this season. We all know he has little to no trade value. And most of us remember what happened with Steve McNair in Tennessee. The Raiders cannot prevent Lamont from showing up, no matter how much they ask. If Lamont wants to force their hand, all he has to do is show up. Then the Raiders have to cut or trade him, or risk being on the hook for his salary should he injure himself during camp. And if there is one thing Lamont has proved during his time in Oakland, he can find the trainers table with his eyes closed.

Fortunately the Lamont circus should be over by the end of the weekend. He will show up, and the team will trade or cut him. Oh, who am I kidding, this thing has the potential to go weeks with Al pulling the strings.

But at least between the constant questioning of every team member and water boy about their thoughts on Lamont, some actual reports of the players on the field should start leaking out tomorrow. We’ll get to hear about every rookie mistake JaMarcus makes, every block Harris misses, every coverage Hall blows.

That’s right, Raider Football is back Baby.

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