Monday, November 24, 2008

7 Things are better than 10 - A Raider Win

Its been a while since I have done a 7 things column, some of that has been how busy real life has had me, and part of it is that I just haven’t felt like it. So here are some random thoughts from the past weekend, if I hit 7 I may call the column 7 things, if not, well who cares.

1 – Raiders Win

Holy Shit, I am still in a state of mild disbelief. I have really come to the point that I expect the Raiders to defecate all over themselves each and every game. Putting together a complete game plan and executing it was the furthest thing from my mind as I sat down to watch the game Sunday afternoon.

But execute a competent game plan they did, and the results were astounding. The Broncos are not a good team, but the Raiders are nowhere near as good as they looked in the second half Sunday. Dare I say that Cable out coached the Rat? What a great surprise that was.

2 – Chinese Democracy

A new Guns N Roses album, what is this 1990? Well I sure acted that way, by heading to a local Best Buy and plunking down $12 for a copy. It has been years since I actually bought a CD, and I knew that I could have gotten it cheaper through other means, but what the fuck, GNR only releases a CD every 18 years.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the purchase. I knew that it could never live up to my hopes for a GNR album. It has been too long, and the band is now Rose and whomever he can pull off the street. Back in the day, Appetite for Destruction blew my young mind, and the Use Your Illusion albums were my bible for a couple years.

Chinese Democracy pales in comparison, but then again any comparison would be unfair. The 1st 3 tracks rock, after that the album loses steam and I can’t say that I am surprised.

But for what will most likely be the last CD I ever buy, at least it is GNR, and not some other garbage that pretends to be music, like so much else that is out there.

3 – JaMarcus Russell

In what was a very solid performance for the young QB, he put up a passer rating of 149.1, lets all jump for joy. Or not, why does the media insist on jamming one game passer ratings down our throats. They have to relies that the passer rating was devised as a tool to evaluate a QB’s performance over the course of a season, not of a game.

A game does not present enough data to formulate a passer rating worth a damn. That is why there are multiple instances of QB’s putting up perfect passer ratings. Has any QB ever had a perfect game, anyone with any sense will tell you no, but the media doesn’t possess much sense, so they will trot out those perfect passer ratings and act like they mean something.

4 – Back Pain sucks

Through my football days I dealt with plenty of injuries, ankles swelled to the size of grapefruit, knees that to this day become painful when the weather changes, a shoulder that will never be right again.

But they all pale to how debilitating a back injury can be. The 1st time I hurt my back was weightlifting in college. Thankfully I healed faster then. For the 2nd time this year I have fucked up my lower back, and there is no position I can put myself in that stops the throbbing pain. Just typing this, I feel like I have hot knives being jabbed into my lower back. And I have a 5 ½ hour drive to look forward to tonight. Awesome,

5 – Michigan

Yep, the Wolverines sucked this season, I expected this, but not for it to be this bad. I figured 6 or 7 wins and some shitty bowl game. The level of sucktitude exhibited by Michigan put them in the Detroit Lions class of football. Which is fitting since they both hail from the same state.

I didn’t see the Ohio St. Michigan game for only the 2nd time that I can remember as I had to work, and I am glad. For me Michigan’s season ended when they at least made it close at Penn St. while I was in attendance. I think I will try to erase my memory of all but the 1st half of that game as far as this season of Michigan football is concerned.

6 – One Day workweeks rock

That’s right, I am at work today, and then I head off to Upstate NY for the rest of the week. Nothing like half-assing a Monday and not having to come back for the rest of the week. Instead I will be hunting, drinking and eating too much. Life is looking good, well at least until next Monday when I have a stack of shit piled on my desk.

7 – I agreed with Simmons

Not sure when the column came out, but when checking one of my Fantasy Football teams this weekend, I saw a Bill Simmons column, and forgetting my boycott I actually clicked the link. And you know what, he was on point. The new NFL stadiums do suck for fans. I have been to a couple of the new stadium, and while the bells and whistles are nice. The game day experience for the average fan has been completely ignored.

I am much happier now to just do my own thing at the house. BarBQ, or put together a pot of Chili or Gumbo, and drink beer from my fridge. No lines at the john, no dealing with other drunks. Even the lovely Mrs. Brick has learned that when the Raiders are on, I am not to be bothered.

The Raiders come to Pittsburgh next season, if work hasn’t relocated me by then, it would be a quick trip in to the game. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I decide to just say fuck it, and watch the way I watch most games, and relax at home. No dealing with ferries (yes I take a ferry across the river from parking when I go to Steelers games) drunken Yintzers, or bathrooms designed for 20 with 200 in them.

Look at that, a Raider win, and Seven things. Who knew one had anything to do with another.

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