Thursday, November 1, 2007

If you only watch 1 game

There were plenty of interesting games to choose from this week.

You could watch Navy embarrass ND, or Arizona St. at Oregon (actually a very good choice) or Purdue at Penn St. (even more attractive since there is a 1 in 100,000 chance that I'll be shown on TV) but if you are only going to watch 1 college football game this weekend then, for checking out potential NFL talent purposes, I'm recommending:


I know what you are going to say, "brick aren't you only going to be seeing 1 game this weekend since your going to the Penn St. game? and thus not even watching your game of the week yourself?"

To which I respond "check yourself before you wreck yourself" (always an appropriate response when questioned on anything.

Why is there a $500 dollar charge on your expense report for "Champagne Room Services"?

"check yourself before you wreck yourself"

Honey, why is their lipstick on your collar?

"check yourself before you wreck yourself"

Why are you naked in your office everyday at lunch?

"check yourself before you wreck yourself"

See, its the perfect answer. Thanks Ice Cube, rest in peace... what you say Ice Cube isn't dead, just his career, that can't be, I mean check yourself before... you mean to tell me he is now making the family friendly comedies that are turned down by Eddie Murphy, but Eddie doesn't turn down anything.

I guess I need to rethink the coolness factor of quoting Ice Cube

Well I guess since "check yourself" is no longer a valid answer I'll have to elaborate on why I'm not only watching 1 game.

I'm not going to just be watching 1 game. I have TiVo bitch, and I'll be recording at least 3 afternoon games, plus will be home in time for the 8pm starts. Not to mentioned that the lovely Mrs. brick and I will be joined by a mixed marriage couple in attending the Penn St. game. That's right, she is a Bama fan and he is a Auburn fan. I don't know if either family has disowned their children for marrying outside of their kind, but personally I'm just fine with it. Call me a liberal or enlightened if you must, but I don't think we should limit ourselves based on College team preference, unless you are a ND fan, then you shouldn't be aloud to marry,reproduce or go out in public.

So I'm sure that if for some reason we can't get the game on the radio, we'll be stopping back at my place to watch the Bama game.

Enough about me (not really, I mean isn't any blog just a cry for attention) on to the prospects.


God damn, is there any more loaded team in the nation? Seniors alone you are looking at 9 NFL draft prospects. The only other team close is USC. With this much senior talent to discuss, we will ignore the juniors and save them for the next time I pick LSU in the game of the week.

Glenn Dorsey (DT, 6-2, 296) Most have Glenn ranked as the top DT coming out in this years draft, and some have him ranked as the best player in the entire draft class. To me he is a top ten talent, but I have serious questions about his work ethic and his ability to progress at the next level. Maybe he is not being used in the best way to showcase his NFL potential as LSU is asking him to hold the line to shut down the run game, and not act as a 1 gap terror as he most likely be looked at in the NFL. Then again maybe the LSU staff is using him to his full ability and all that potential is just hype.
Looking at him, I just don't see him being able to comfortably carry anymore weight, or being an effective 2 gap tackle at the next level. I do think he has the potential to be an explosive 1 gap tackle, but right now he isn't getting to show it.
What to watch with him, well there shouldn't be anyone on Bama's line who can handle him. See how he handles blockers, does he run around or fight through them. How is his motor, does he go all out every play, or does he hit and stop his feet.

Early Doucet (WR, 6-0, 205) Doucet is widely considered the best senior wide out in this years class, with his only competition being Limas Sweed of Texas. Well just like Sweed, Doucet has been injured most of the year, which has really hurt LSU's offensive production. When healthy he is a threat all over the field. He goes deep, over the middle, returns kicks and played QB in high school. Doucet is a complete package, with the only knock being his height. He will overcome this with his rout running ability.
If he plays, watch how he run blocks, if he puts his all into it, he could be the 1st WR off the board in April.

Ali Highsmith (OLB, 6-1, 228)Ali has been flying up draft boards this year based on his stellar play on the field. He was named defensive player of the week for his performance against Auburn. Ali is a play maker, however he will get downgraded by NFl teams due to his size. If he can run faster than his reported 4.5 speed he may get a look as a safety by some teams. The key here is that he is a play maker and he will find a spot somewhere.

Chevis Jackson (CB, 6-0, 188) Jonathan Zenon (CB, 6-0, 178)I'm combining these two since otherwise I would just cut and paste the same comments. Good cover corners, excellent speed, not great at run support. Jackson is rated higher at this point since he is a better tackler and Zenon can be too aggressive at times and gives up the occasional big play.

Others to watch for (Seniors only)
Craig Steltz (S, 6-1, 210) emerging from landry's shadow.
Will Arnold (G, 6-4, 322)can he overcome the injury bug
Jacob Hester (FB, 6-0, 228) can a white boy play FB
Matt Flynn (QB, 6-3, 222) not allot of starts, but looks solid


Alabama brought in Nick Saban to return the Tide to SEC prominence. One of the key reasons Bama sought to grab Saban away from the Dolphins was his recruiting work at LSU. There is still alot of work for Saban to do, and while the team has shown some flashes this season, they are definitely short on NFL talent, and at a disadvantage this Saturday. However there are some players to keep an eye on.

DJ Hall (WR, 6-3, 190) Right now Hall looks like a 3rd round pick for a team that needs to stretch the field. He runs good routs, has good moves to get off the line and is sure handed. The problem is he just good at the college level, he needs to be great to go any higher than 3rd round. A standout game against LSU could instantly raise his stock. He has the size and speed to give the LSU CB's fits, but will anyone have time to get him the ball? If he can repeat his standout performance from the Tennessee game that stock is going to rise.

Simeon Castille (CB, 6-1, 188) Simeon is middle of a deep pack of CB's. He earned a red flag for his lack of judgement which lead to a 1 game suspension earlier this year and for his academic suspension which cost him a bowl game as a soph. He is not dominant and LSU will not shy away from testing him. That will be his opportunity to turn some heads. Another 3rd round kind of guy.

Wallace Gilberry (DE, 6-4, 265)Playing in a new 3 man front for Saban, Gilberry has taken a little time to get use to the new scheme. However he has come on of late racking up tackles and sacks. However at 265 he is a little light for base end in an NFL 3-4 front, and a little slow of foot for Rush OLB in the 3-4. If a 3-4 team takes him, he will be asked to put some weight on. He may be a better fit as an end in a 4-3 scheme, but the lack of film on him in a 4-3 this year may hurt his stock. Watch to see how he stands up in the run game. Can he take on block head up and hold his ground? Due to his tweener status he is yet another 3rd round prospect for the Tide.

Others to Watch for:

Lets be honest, there is too much to watch on the LSU side to worry about any of the other Bama players this week.

Based on the talent on the LSU side of the ball this should be a blowout, but in the SEC it seems that no game is a cakewalk. Throw in the return of Saban to the SEC and Bama should be in this thing longer than they have any right to be.

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