Thursday, November 8, 2007


I've never complained about where I went to High School. I enjoyed High School and didn't understand why so many people were in such a rush to get out of there. I mean classes were easy, we could always find beer for the weekend, and I didn't have a job.

But I now know that I was definately in the wrong school. This is what happens in Nottingham England high schools

After walking the boy round the classroom and spanking him with a whip - the action turned even more blue.

"She took off some clothes until she was down to her bra and pants, pulled out some cream, put it on her buttocks and told him to rub it in," the source said.

It was at that point the shocked teacher - who had not been told what the surprise was - called an end to the show.

You have got to be kidding me. 1st of all, what teacher lets a stripper spank a student and strip down to bra and panties and apply whip cream before stopping the show. I know that I never had anyone of this callibure for a teacher. Uptight bastards.

I would question what the stripper was thinking when she showed up to a school for her next performance. But she should be forgiven, since she is a stripper, and thats the most noble profession there is. Although I will question the selection of Britney Spears for background music. Why Britney when you could go with some classic Def Leopard or Warrent. Nothing says high class stripper like "Pour Some Sugar on Me" or "Cherry Pie".

This story however has lead me to the following conclusion. We need to overhaul the American educational system. Strippers should be hired by school districs to reward students for their hard work. You want to tell me that test scores wouldn't imporve if the students thought that they would be getting a trip to the champagne room for straight A's. There is nothing more important in a High School Boys life than seeing some titties.

And I'm convinced, due to the "naughty schoolgirl" emails that I receive that the girls test scores would also improve since all high school girls are bi. Plus the relevancy of their education would improve, since half of them will end up stripping at one point of their life anyway (the other half are fatties).

But we can't stop there. Strippers should be used by all respectable buisnesses to motivate employees. In fact I think my company would be well served to start this practice. I'm looking forward to my end of quarter lap dance already.

I'll even supply the whip cream.

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