Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Contest Entry - Super Bowl

Why does anyone go to the Super Bowl? I mean sure it’s a huge event. It’s the culmination of the all to short NFL season where millions tune in each week, it the most heavily wagered sporting event of the year where you can bet on everything from who scores first to the number of times they show random crowd shots of celebrities.

But I can see all this from the comfort of my own couch. Preferably with a few friend over, who bring their significant others to distract my wife long enough that I can actually watch the game.

Then you throw in the fact that the majority of the people in attendance either really don’t care about the two teams on the field since they are there with free tickets, or are complete douchbags like this guy:

So for those who aren’t lucky enough to work for a corporate sponsor, or be a douchbag sports writer, you are left either dealing with ticket agency’s like this one www.ticketsofamerica.com/super-bowl-tickets where you can spend almost $4,000.00 to sit with corporate types and douchbags. Or you can deal with scalpers since the NFL only makes a few thousand tickets available to the general public. Or if you are really lucky you can win tickets, which is the only reason I wrote this post. Consider it my entry.

Look at that over 100 words and about the Super Bowl, with link inserted, looks like I qualify.

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