Monday, February 25, 2008

Ouick Hits - 2/25/08

I know, I know, both of my readers have been sorely disappointed in my blog output of late. Things are about to turn around here. I’ve got something I think you are really going to like starting later this week. For now though, just some quick hits on things that I’ve noticed of late.

California 500 – sure the race didn’t get going due to rain, and will be finished later today. But a couple things I saw that need comment.

Is there a more fitting sponsor than Juicy Fruit for Juan Pablo Montoya? That cracked me up. Honestly, I think that he just decided to come out while in California, he probably has never even heard of the gum.

Let me get this straight (not talking about Montoya) if you are an overrated LB who does steroids you get to be the official starter for the race? I couldn’t believe Shawnriod Merriman was the official starter. I also cracked up looking at his hat, “Faith” must be the street name for HGH.

I hate when Clint Bowyer drives the DirecTV car. There is just something missing when the black Jack car isn’t in the race.

The lovely Mrs. Brick kept changing the channel to Oscar coverage since the race was on constant delay. Can the TV guide channel get more annoying people to host? The fat Nysnc guy just laughs at his own jokes the whole time. And the washed up actress on the red carpet doesn’t know how to hold a mike. I am now dumber for seeing that.

“No Country for Old men” won the best picture. Haven’t seen it since it was in theaters here for all of 10 minutes. The best film I saw was “There will be Blood”. And I was glad Daniel Day Lewis won best actor. Looking back, maybe it wasn’t the best picture, but it was by far the best performance. I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE.

Darren McFadden is fast, so fuckin what. James Jett was fast. The guy is still far from a complete NFL running back. I really hope the Raiders don’t fall in love with his 40 time.

Buffalo Wings are maddening to me. I love Buffalo Wings, but can’t understand how so many places can fuck them up. I went to a bar in Bridgeville, PA recently and tried their wings and they came so close to being excellent that I was disappointed that they just came up short. The sauce was right, the wings were cooked right, but they had the wings sitting in a puddle of sauce rather than correctly coating the wings in the kitchen. The wings on top were dry and the ones on the bottom were soggy. If you are planning to make wings, please make the pilgrimage to Bernie Murrie’s in Elmira, NY. Learn from the best.

That’s it for now. Check in Wednesday for the start of something big.

I’m Finished.

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McFluffin said...

I've been reaading blogs for 5 years now searching for a Bernie Murray's reference. Finally I may rest my eyes and go back to porn. Thank you brick.