Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Skewering the Media - Peter King Edition

Sometimes I wonder how the hell members of the media get away with printing the drivel that regularly comes out in print or online. Regularly the mistakes are glaring, and show that the writer has done little more than spout off whatever has come to the top of his head.

But that isn’t what we are going to focus on today. Today a pompous ass has drawn the bull’s-eye here at Brickinthebox. No, not Bill Simmons, it’s been so long since I have read a column by him, I don’t even know if he is still spewing BS. No today it is NFL writing royalty that draws my ire. Peter King, come on down.

Due to restrictions at work, I rarely read Peter King’s Monday morning quarterback anymore. But in reading this week’s column, I doubt that I would anyway. Lets take a look at some of his quick hits:

3. I think when I see Michael Phelps give his quasi-goofy thrill-of-victory smile and aw-shucks look, I see a lot of the Eli Manning aw-shucks look. Giants fans, you know what I'm talking about.

Really, I know I throw some fluff into my 7 things sometimes, but now we are comparing the smiles of Phelps and Manning.

4. I think I don't want to hear what great fans the Jets have. Not for a long time. That crowd Saturday night was a disgrace. At least half the stadium was empty for Favre's debut in a Jets' uniform. I expressed my amazement to a few fellow scribes Saturday night -- emphasizing that N.Y. traded for an all-time-great quarterback, not a broken-down one -- and they gave varying reasons for the poor turnout. Like it's the middle of vacation month for New Yorkers, and it's a preseason game. Horsefeathers. If you really love your team, and you have season tickets, you should have been at that game unless you were in Tibet. Ridiculous.

I know that King has his head firmly implanted in Favre’s ass, but this is just ridicules. Nobody cares about the preseason. The games don’t count. Nobody is going to remember Favre’s 1st preseason TD as a Jet. The only thing here that is ridiculous is Kings expectation that Fans are going to come in droves to the Meadowlands for a meaningless game, get raped for parking, food and drink so that they don’t miss out on his hero’s first game. There are plenty of reasons to ridicule Jets fans (hell they are Jets fans) but no showing to Lord Favre’s 1st appearance isn’t one of them. I can’t wait until Favre gets booed for one of his patented 3 INT performances, and Kings response.

7. I think this would be a good category for MMQB: Like Father, Like Estranged Son Dept. And this would be my first entry: On Wednesday, Belichick told his players he would cancel night meetings and waive curfew if nose tackle Vince Wilfork caught a punt while holding a football in either arm. Wilfork caught the punt, and the players, smelling freedom, went wild. On Thursday, New York Jets coach Eric Mangini told his players he would cancel night meetings and waive curfew if kicker Mike Nugent made a 53-yard field goal. Nugent made the field goal, and the players, smelling freedom, went wild.
8. I think I wonder where Mangini learned that one.

Well knock me over with a feather; a coach gave his team time off based on some meaningless challenge at the end of practice. That must be a Bill Belichick original. There is no other coach that has ever done that. Lets just ignore the fact that this has been done at every level of football forever. I think if you have to wonder where Mangini learned that one you are a moron.

n. So I see Gary Myers of the New York Daily News in the press box at the Meadowlands on Saturday night. He tells me the doctor about to give him a colonoscopy last year says to him, "Do you know Peter King?'' Myers says yes, and the doc proceeds to tell him what a kook I am for beginning the prep work for my bowel cleanout just before a two-hour-and-40-minute plane trip. You think that's the first time I've heard that one, doc?

Just keep that to yourself.

p. There will come a day -- I don't know when; five years, seven maybe -- when you will have the same number of satellite radios in your possession as cars. It's coming. It can't be stopped.

And just proving that no research, or real thought is put into this drivel. SiriusXM has deals with all of the major auto manufactures to put their radios into every new car sold. Hell I have 2 cars (mine & my wife’s) and three radios, since my truck came with XM when I bought it, but I had Sirius. So yes, if you buy a new car within the next five to seven years, you will have as many satellite radios as cars, thanks Nostridumbass.

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