Saturday, October 6, 2007

College Football Coverage

What happened to showing the best game on TV and switching from suck ass games to good games in Progress.

Right now I can choose from Penn St. vs. Iowa and Tenn. vs. Georgia. Sure these looked like the best games at the time the schedule was set this week, but right now they are both laughers.

To top it off ABC has the Oaklahoma Texas game, which is actually close, but I can't watch it because I'm in the Penn St. viewing area. WTF, sure I'm close to Penn St. now, but that shouldn't prevent me from watching a decent game when Penn St. just lost to a team that lost to a 1AA school.

I blame Stuart Scott. Ever since that lazy eyed bastard was added to the ESPN roster the whole network has steadily declined and the quality of sports broadcasting has gone down with it.

At 1st it was just Sportscenter that the BooYA infected. But his influence has creped its way into everything that ESPN sports does.

First they allowed him to join the NFL Gameday set, what was once a solid show has become unwatchable. Honestly who wants to see Emit Smith and Keyshawn Johnson blather on about anything. It almost makes me miss Michael Irvin, at least I could play spot the coke under the nose when he was on the air.

Then they added him to Monday night countdown. You want to know why Monday Night football ratings slipped, blame Stu Scott. There is no way to convince America that a game is worth watching when Stu is telling you how his cousin's baby's mama knows that Pookie once was raped by the Sex Cannon.

The ESPN ship was officially sunk in a pool of Najeh Davenport's excrement when Stu was allowed to run with the "who's next" segment.

I don't blame Keith Jackson for leaving college football fans high and dry. The way things were going the next step was to have Stu in the booth with Keith for games.

Hell, even White bread boring Dan Patric left the 4 letter network. And who did the Stu disease infected brain trust at ESPN decide to bring in as his Radio replacement. Stu V2.0 Steven A.(sshole) Smith. HOW ABOUT WE YELL FOR AN HOUR WITH A MOUTH FULL OF CHEATOES.

With this kind of thinking permeating the network, it should come as no surprise that after a hard week of work, I can't even enjoy a full day of college football.

Hey look, that Iowa/ Penn St. game has gotten almost interesting.

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