Saturday, October 13, 2007

Who does Stuart Scott have naked pictures of at ESPN?

In the short time that I've had this blog I've taken many shots at Stuart Scott and the enablers at ESPN. But this latest clip takes the cake. Sure this hit most blogs earlier this week, but I have a job, so fuck off.

The only reasonable explanation for this abortion is that Stuart Scott has some sort of blackmail that he is holding over the heads of the higher ups at ESPN.

Based on our findings in regards to Coors Light, I'm guessing that it is some gay porn staring Stu and an ESPN bigwig.

I'm calling on the ESPN official who is being blackmailed to use this past weeks "coming out day" as a chance to belatedly out himself and end the tyranny of Stu.
Brady came out, you can too

It is the only way for ESPN to stop the Stuart Scott madness and regain some respectability.

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