Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What have we learned

Ah yes, a recap of the things I saw this weekend. A completely original concept to this blog. I'm sure this is the feature that will set my blog apart from the rest here on the Internet.

1. Les Miles' Michigan resume is complete

LSU went in to Kentucky to face an opponent who should have been completely over matched and came out with a loss. Well if there has ever been a team that has done less with more the last 10 years it has been Michigan. With rumors swirling that Miles is the #1 choice to replace Carr this off season he needed to prove that he could loose to an underdog as the #1 team in the nation. Saturday night he pulled this feat off perfectly. As a Michigan fan I'm looking forward to the Les Miles era, as I won't have to adjust my expectations for Michigan.

2. Oakland still hasn't figured out stopping the run

Ok, so LT runs over everyone when Norvell pulls his head out of his ass and just gives the man the ball. But the Raiders make it easy. You would think that after years of facing the cutback running of the Broncos, the Raiders would have some semblance of Gap responsibility. But time and time again the DL and LB's over pursue leaving Stu to make the tackle (8 of them Sunday).

3. Miller and Sapp are who we thought they were (will that line ever get old, what it already has, well fuck off)

Miller was heaped with praise after the Raiders running attack abused Miami. Without doing a full breakdown on the game, I noticed he had alot more trouble with the two Shawns. While against Taylor and Porter in Miami he was able to wall off the outside LB and open the run lane. He was not able to keep either SD LB out of the hole and the runs were stopped for little or no gain on at least two occasions. He was also no match for either of the 1 on 1 in pass blocking.

Sapp was run right at or cut back toward on multiple occasions. The most blatant being LT's last TD run were Sapp was blown out of the hole by the Guard and LT ran right by him.

Time permitting a full postmortem will come later in the week.

4. Culpepper is who... OK your right that line is getting lame

Fumbles, poor decisions, errant throws, all the talent in the world, but my dog may be smarter (he is a border collie, and they are damn smart, yeah it is a stretch).

5. Purple Jesus is the Rookie of the year...

The Bears run D that shut down LT early in the year was helpless against AD. Sure the Bears are banged up, but that was just awe inspiring. But much like last year with the Texan bashers and Bush, its a little early to start clamoring about how all the teams that passed on Peterson made a huge mistake. As always, give the draft at least 3 years to sort out.

6. The Pats are good, and classless

So we knew both of these things before the game. But going against the best D they have faced to date the Pats proved to be too much in the long run as the Dallas D just ran out of answers in the 2nd half. Classless because once again the Pats score a garbage time TD when kneeling the ball would have been just fine. This will come back to haunt them eventually. Either by a key injury as they drive for another garbage time TD, and/or once the Pats aren't dominating every team will delight in rubbing their noses in it. Personaly, I enjoy watching football played to that level, I just have to turn off the sound to avoid the hyperbolie being spewed by the anouncers.

7. Pats fans are just classless

OK, so this is more Bill Simmons than Pats fans in general. The delight he has taken in chronicling the Pats garbage time success is sickening. If this were any other team he would be whining about how classless the team was. (but once again we already knew this, I just felt like venting). Fortunately the Indians may be giving him what he deserves, not that I watch baseball, but I get daily updates from my manager, who thinks I give a shit.

8. There is no 8. Because you can't end with 8, you have to then add 9 and 10 to properly end the things you learned. Peter King ends with 10 and he has a skunk stripe. I don't want a skunk stripe so I'll be ending with 7. Sevens are cool.

Finally, leave a comment fucko. My cool counter at the bottom of the page is about to turn triple digits and the only comment is from my brother. Since I figure 80 of the hits are from me refreshing the page to see the counter move, there are at least 5 people who have visited this site. This is the Internet which means that you have an opinion, so share it.

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