Monday, October 8, 2007

Karma's a F'n Bitch

Trent Green got what he deserved yesterday. He ain't dead, but his NFL career should be.

NBC talking head Keith Olberman may want to label Travis Johnson as "The worst person in the NFL", however all Johnson did was taunt the guy who tried to end his career. It wasn't Johnson out there laying a cheap shot that, had it been done to the QB and not by a QB, would have resulted in a penalty and huge fine.

So Olberman, kindly Shut the Fuck Up. Hell that goes for the rest of the Sunday night football studio crew. But I digress.

The real villain here is Trent Green. This is the same guy who spent much of last season laid out with an injury. Wondering if he would ever get the chance to play again. After going through that, I almost was rooting for the fuck since he had to deal with King Carl Peterson to get out of KC (And who wouldn't want to get out of KC). But here we are only 5 weeks into the season and Trent Green is trying to end someone Else's career.

When Warren Sapp pulled a similar stunt, blind siding Chad Clifton with a head shot, He was derided as being one of the dirtiest players in the game, and they were right.

But Trent Green pulls the same thing, but puts his helmet to the guys knee instead of taking him head on. And Travis Johnson is the asshole since he got up and yelled at the guy who tried to end his career. Fuck, Travis Johnson should be applauded for not going all Albert Haynesworth and stomping the shit out of Greens lifeless body.

So Trent, if your career is over, you'll get no tears from me, that's between you and Karma... Fuckin Bitch.

Other thoughts from the Sports weekend that was:

1 - The Raiders are in 1st place

I know, they are 2-2 and the only reason that they are in 1st place is Norv Turner, but common, let me bask a minute, after all I had to deal with Norv as the Raiders coach for 2 seasons.

2 - When the fuck did VS's start to show college football

And why are they trying to keep it a secret? You have the #1 (or #2 depending on the poll) team in the country playing on your network and you don't advertise it. So nobody knew where to tune in to see one of the Biggest upsets in a long time, well at least since week 1.

3 - The revolution will not be televised

The two biggest upsets in college football this year have been shown on the Big TEleveN network and on VS's. Good job with that. In past years both of those games would have been part of ESPN's gameplan. Fuck you Stuart Scott.

4 - I'm glad I don't live in New England anymore

The Pats are undefeated (yay, you beat Cleveland, even Oakland beats Cleveland) and the BoSux haven't choked yet. Not a fun time to be a non-bandwagoner in Boston right now.

5 - PacMan Jones thinks he has done everything that he needs to, to be reinstated

I have nothing else to add to that

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McFluffin said...

I'm really not sure what Jeff Green (check your opening paragraph) had to do with any of this, but I got yelled at for laughing by girl on couch for laughing at pussy ass Trent Green get punished for such a bullshit block attempt. Apparently girls dont find season sending injuries as entertaining as we do.

Second of all, how can you criticize Stu Scott? I love and admire him so much that I recently paid a bum to try and stab me in the eye in hopes that I could develop a lazy eye half as sexy as his.